Hi All,

I founded this website due to the passion of testing and Test-automation in general. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ralph, married and have one child. I am a tester since 2002 and have been a freelancer since 2007.In 2015 I got ill and was diagnosed with the disease called Occipital Neuralgia.This is a sensory nerve in the back of your head which caused so much pain 24/7 I was forced to be bedridden and I could not work anymore. After being operated twice I had to rehabilitate for 1 year. This time gave me a lot to think about what I want from life. . After 2017 I picked up my freelance activities which I missed a lot. The only leftover I have out of this time that I need to wear a cap all the time.

In 2020 I founded learnautomatedtesting.com,because of the passion of testing and test automation, in which I even invest a lot in my freetime. The aim of this website is to provide junior, medior, and senior testers real work related problems they face in Agile projects with respect to test automation. I will try to provide the information and educations at the lowest costs as possible, as long as i have the time for this to do as this is for me a hobby project for me

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